215.2 Minimum Rating and Size

A restructuring occurred in 215.2 to address the movement of 215.2(B), medium voltage feeder circuit requirements, to new Article 235 which addresses the same.  With that move, the existing contents were reorganized / renumbered accordingly. 

Old 215.2(A)(1) is now 215.2(A).

Old 215.2(A)(2) is now 215.2(B).

Old 215.2(A)(3) is now 215.2(C).

NEC 2020NEC 2023
(A) Feeders Not More Than 1000 Volts.(A) General
(1) General
(2) Grounded Conductor
(3) Ampacity Relative to Service Conductors
(1) Continuous and Noncontinuous Loads
(2) Ampacity Adjustment or Correction Factors
(B) Feeders Over 1000 Volts(B) Grounded Conductor
(1) Feeders Supplying Transformers    
(2) Feeders Supplying Transformers and Utilization Equipment    
(3) Supervised Installations
(C) Ampacity Relative to Service Conductors

First level sub-division (B) for feeders over 1000 volts was moved to new Article 235 which now addresses medium voltage feeders.

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Article 235, Branch Circuits, Feeders, and Services Over 1000 Volts ac, 1500 Volts dc, Nominal.

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