215.1 Scope

Article 215 focuses on feeder circuit protection and related requirements. During the 2023 revision cycle, the exception that pointed to 668.3(C)(1) and 668.3(C)(4) was deleted because the requirements of Article 668, “Electrolytic Cells”, amend and modify the requirements found in Chapters 1 through 8. The inclusion of that exception was not necessary.

It should be noted that the scope of this Article was modified yet the title of the article was not modified. This is contrary to how Code Making Panel 2 addressed the situation of moving all medium voltage requirements to Article 235. Code Making Panel 2 renamed Article 210 to better reflect the scope of Article 210 where as CMP 10 did not elect to do that with the title of Article 215. Article 215 applies to feeders not over 1000 volts ac or 1500 volts dc nominal. This change addresses the fact that the medium voltage requirements are now to be found in new Article 235. Feeder requirements for those over 1000 volts ac and 1500 volts dc can be found inĀ Article 235.

Related Sections

Article 235, Branch Circuits, Feeders, and Services Over 1000 Volts ac, 1500 Volts dc, Nominal.

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