210.1 Scope

The scope of Article 210 establishes a focus on branch circuits but only those branch circuits that are not over 1000 Volts ac or 1500 volts dc.  For branch circuit requirements of circuits over 1000 volts ac and 1500 volts dc, see Article 235.

NFPA 70-2023 Changes

The scope of Article 210 has changed to focus this Article on branch circuits not over 1000 volts ac, 1500 volts dc.  This aligns with the activities initiated by the medium voltage task group created by the correlating committee.  This task group made many public inputs and comments that had a global impact on NFPA 70-2023.  An informational note was added to help the user of NFPA 70 know where to find branch circuit requirements over 1000 volts ac and 1500 volts dc nominal.

The following requirements are related to this change

100 Branch Circuit (Branch-Circuit)

Article 235, Branch Circuits, Feeders, and Services Over 1000 Volts ac, 1500 Volts dc, Nominal.

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