Article 210 Branch Circuits Not Over 1000 Volts ac, 1500 Volts dc, Nominal

Article 210 contains the requirements for branch circuits not over 1000 volts ac and 1500 volts dc, nominal.  

Other requirements of NFPA 70 related to this section include the following:

100 Branch Circuit

NFPA 70-2023 Changes

The title of this Article has changed for the 2023 version of the NEC because of changes made regarding medium voltage requirements.  Article 210 no longer contains requirements for medium voltage applications as they were moved to Article 235.  

Medium voltage is now defined for both ac and dc systems to be 1000 Volts and 1500 Volts respectively.  1500 volts was chosen as the transition to medium voltage for dc as most product standards use this value of voltage as the limit for low voltage dc equipment.

Part I

210.1 Scope

210.2 Reconditioned Equipment

210.3 Other Articles for Specific-Purpose Branch-Circuits

210.4 Multiwire Branch Circuits

210.5 Identification for Branch Circuits

210.6 Branch Circuit Voltage Limitations

210.7 Multiple Branch Circuits

210.8 Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter Protection for Personnel

Part III
Required Outlets

210.52 Dwelling Unit Receptacle Outlets

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