110.3 Examination, Identification, Installation, Use, and Listing (Product Certification) of Equipment.

This section includes requirements for the examination, installation and use, and product testing, evaluation, and listing.  This section is divided up into three first level subdivisions including the following:

(A) Examination

This first level subdivision requires that equipment be examined to evaluate suitability in 8 areas.  There is a list of 8 items that are to be used when reviewing equipment during installation.  

  1. Suitability 
  2. Mechanical strength and durability
  3. Wire-bending space
  4. Electrical insulation
  5. Heating effects 
  6. Arcing effects
  7. Classification by type, size, voltage, current capacity, and use
  8. Cybersecurity

(B) Installation and Use

Listed or labeled equipment and equipment that is identified for a use is required to be installed in accordance with its listing or labeling or its identification for use.  Manufacturer instructions and other sources of information play a role in meeting this section of NFPA 70.  Information may be available through use of Quick Response (QR) codes on the equipment that provide access to instructions or other information pertinent for ensuring the installation meets the listing, labeling or that required for its identified use.  Quick response (QR) codes are recognized as a viable solution[1]  to provide important information necessary for the installation of equipment.

The definition of Identified (as applicable to equipment) can be found in Article 100. 

(C) Listing

This first level subdivision requires that product testing, evaluation and listing be performed by recognized qualified electrical testing laboratories.  This section also requires that the standard to which they are listed be recognized as achieving the equivalent and effective safety for the equipment installation.  These standards must comply with NFPA 70.  

OSHA’s Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) Program is a resource for the industry to identify qualified electrical testing laboratories that perform product evaluations, testing, and certification.  Informative Annex A includes a list of standards used where listed products are required.  These standards are developed in conformance with NFPA 70.  

NFPA 70-2023 Changes

110.3(A), Examination, has grown to a total of nine points to be evaluated.  NFPA 70-2023 has a new item (8) which references cybersecurity for network-connected life safety equipment as a required item to consider when examination occurs.  This is important to address its ability to withstand unauthorized updates and malicious attacks while continuing to perform its intended safety functionality.  The new informational note number 3 which references the standards that provide the framework necessary to mitigate current and future cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

110.3(B), Installation and Use, has changed.  The text “or identified for a use” was added to recognize that not all equipment is listed or labeled. Installation instructions, if provided, should be used to help the installer with the details necessary to insure the solution functions as intended to achieve its intended use. 

Key terms found in Article 100 that are important to understand for proper enforcement of this requirement include the following:

  • Identified (as applicable to equipment)
  • Listed
  • Labeled 

An informational note was added to address where new technologies can provide installation and use instructions.  Quick response (QR) codes are now recognized as a viable solution to provide important information necessary for the installation of equipment.

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