This definition is quite broad in that it impacts the restoration of electromechanical systems, equipment, apparatus, or components to an operating condition.  Reconditioning is commonly referred to as rebuilt or refurbished.  Sometimes an organization will classify their activity as remanufacturing.  All these activities are equivalent to reconditioning. This is an important definition as when the activities being conducted on equipment meets this definition, the requirements found elsewhere in NFPA 70 apply.  This includes those areas where reconditioning is prohibited, and it includes those marking requirements for those products when and if they are reconditioned.

The definition tries to identify when an activity is not considered reconditioning.  Normal servicing of equipment that remains within a facility is one of those conditions.  In addition, when components are replaced based on a one-to-one basis, the reconditioning definition is not met.

Activities like replacing a failed circuit breaker of a panelboard with a new listed circuit breaker identified for installation in said panelboard is not considered as reconditioning the panelboard.  On the other hand, the activity of taking the failed circuit breaker apart and repairing internal parts to get it working again would be considered reconditioning. 

This circuit breaker is a reconditioned power circuit breaker. Power circuit breakers are permitted to be reconditioned.
Molded case circuit breakers are not permitted to be reconditioned. Taking a MCCB apart and replacing internal components would meet the definition of reconditioning and as per Article 240, reconditioning an MCCB is prohibited.
Some circuit breakers have instructions on replacing the electronic trip units or adding functions such as shunt trip. Following manufacturers instructions does not qualify as reconditioning.

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NFPA 70-2023 Changes

This definition did not change as part of the 2023 cycle.