Habitable Room

This definition was new for the 2020 NEC.  This term has been used in the NEC but changes in Article 404, Switches, raised the attention that a definition in the NEC could be a good thing to bring clarity to Code.  Clarity can help increase electrical safety. This definition was a response to a change made during the 2017 version of the NEC to Section 404.2(C).  The term habitable room has been used in the NEC for many years.  This change just eliminates a step of jumping to the building code for a definition and brings clarity to the NEC. 

A room in a building that is considered habitable is one that is used in general for any of the following

  • living
  • sleeping
  • eating
  • cooking

A habitable room does not include the following:

  • bathrooms
  • toilet rooms
  • closets
  • hallways
  • storage or utility spaces
  • similar areas to those listed above

Related section of NFPA 70 include the following:

  • 210.8(A) Dwelling Units
  • 210.70(A)(1) Habitable Rooms, Kitchents, Laundry Areas, and Bathrooms
  • 210.70(B) Guest Rooms or Guest Suites
  • 220.5(C) Floor Areas
  • 300.22(C) Other Spaces Used for Environmental Air (Plenums)
  • 314.27(C) Boxes at Ceiling-Suspended (Paddle) Fan Outlets
  • 404.2(C) Switch Controlling Lighting Outelts
  • 690.31(G) Over 1000 Volts DC