Energy Management System

This term and definition is now found in Article 100, “Definitions”, instead of in Article 750, “Energy Management Systems”. It was moved to Article 100 during the 2023 Cycle.

The language found in the definition did not change during the 2023 cycle except for the fact that the text “This definition shall apply within this article and throughout the Code.” was removed due to the fact that it is now located in Article 100 and is not needed.

This definition tells the user of the Code that an energy management system consists of any of the following that monitor and/or control an electrical load or power production source or energy storage source:

  1. Monitor(s)
  2. Communication equipment
  3. controller(s)
  4. Timer(s)
  5. Other devices

The definition is quite encompassing. This also implies that an energy monitoring system which does no load control is a management system as well. As an example, if you can monitor the energy usage from your home then your cell phone is an energy management system.

The significance of this definition is such that anything that meets the definition must now meet the requirements of those found in Article 750.

A meter can be a simple device that provides voltage, current, or energy information and mounted directly on the equipment.
energy management and monitoring equipment are more prevalent today than ever before.

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