Branch Circuit (Branch-Circuit)

A branch circuit is comprised of those conductors that are between the final overcurrent device that is protecting the circuit, at the origin of the branch circuit, and an outlet or multiple outlets. Outlets could include any type including but not limited to receptacle outlets, lighting outlets, or other. A branch circuit can be a single phase or three phase and could be of low voltage or medium voltage.

Branch-circuit requirements can be found in Article 210 but also in other articles as it may related to such loads as motors and more. Branch circuits begin at that final overcurrent protective device.

Other related terms include:

Branch Circuit, Appliance. (Appliance Branch Circuit)

Branch Circuit, General-Purpose. (General-Purpose Branch Circuit)

Branch Circuit, Individual. (Individual Branch Circuit)

Branch Circuit, Motor. (Motor Branch Circuit)

Branch Circuit, Multiwire. (Multiwire Branch Circuit)

Branch-Circuit Selection Current (BCSC).