90.2 Use and Application (Draft)

Overview of change

Section 90.2 used to be the Scope for Article 90 but was moved.  This Section is now titled “Use and Application” and is separated into six first level sub-divisions as follows:

  • Practical Safeguarding
  • Adequacy
  • Installations Covered
  • Installations Not Covered
  • Relation to Other International Standards
  • Special Permission

The contents of these sections have not significantly changed but were reorganized.  First level sub-division (E), Relation to Other International Standards, was modified to specifically point to Part 1, “Fundamental Principles, Assessment of General Characteristics, Definitions”, of Standard 60364-1 titled “Low-voltage Electrical Installations”. This change was made also as part of the informational note and the informational note was modified to comply with the 2020 National Electrical Code Style Manual.

Reason for change

The reorganization and growth of Section 90.2 was driven by the creation of the 90.1 which focused purely on the scope of this Article.  The changes found in 90.2(E) were to align with the actual title of IEC 60364-1 while the remainder was to align with the requirements of the 2020 National Electrical Code Style Manual.

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