90.1 Scope (draft)

2023 Changes

A new section is added to include the scope of this Article.  This is in alignment with the 2020 National Electrical Code Style Manual section 2.2.1 which states “Each article shall have a scope, which shall be the first section of the article. Where an article has multiple parts, the scope shall be the first section in Part I. The approval of article scope statements is the responsibility of the National Electrical Code Correlating Committee.”  

The new scope statement found in 90.1 identifies that the article covers use and application, arrangement, and enforcement of this Code. This article also covers the expression of mandatory, permissive, and nonmandatory text as well as providing guidance on the examination of equipment and on wiring planning.  The use and expression of measurements is also specified in this article.

With the introduction of the Scope, the existing 90.1 which was titled “Purpose” was moved to 90.2 with some minor changes.  This text was relocated from 90.2.

Impact of change

  • Clarity was added.  This change was necessary as for some the word “enforcement” now has more meaning being in the scope.
  • In the practical application of this Code, there is no impact of change of how the NEC is implemented.  This change seeks to add clarity and alignment with the 2020 National Electrical Code Style Manual.

Reason for change

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